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AI stumbling on content distribution

Since the commercialization of the Internet since the development, whether it is news client, video site or business platform ... ... all the platform, are their own default as a good breeder, according to their own ideas, the content (feed) Push (Fed) to the user.


These breeders are trained professionals, jargon called --- by the site editor for the user to set the agenda, according to the taste of most users pick content.


Later, the editor is too busy to use the machine to help --- the most simple way is the machine is "popular recommendation", such as according to the amount of traffic or other data to sort.


Breeder model is the biggest problem is not know how the appetite of the diners, which will lead to two significant consequences: First, the diners are not satisfied with the individual needs of users can not be met; Second, their own waste of resources, a large number of long-tailed resources Exposure, increase sunk costs.


Someone found the benefits of the machine. The machine can be based on user characteristics to recommend content. Just as a clever cook can provide meals according to the taste of every diners, if the machine is smart enough, to a certain extent can solve all the individual needs of the user. This is not the content industry C2M?


To be precise, this is the content of the distribution of C2M, it is a single user for the purpose of communication, out of the mass communication / Focus spread pattern, is not enough to leather all the search engines and portal life?


This kind of intelligent content C2M has a profound background of the times. Today, you have stood on the edge of the times, watched AI technology lit the IOT lead, then you will find yourself unquestionable access to the next information nuclear explosion era: information terminal explosion, information scale explosion, information platform explosion……


In the information on the highway, you opened the car, you walked the road, all changed the rules, you are familiar with all the breeder-based knowledge framework are facing subversion.


In this era, the breeder model has failed, and clever machines will become the biggest variable.


The first appearance of the scene is the human production content, the machine distributes the content.


The next scene is the machine production content, the machine distribution content.


Content industry is facing C2M revolution, okay?


"Of course not, the machine is stupid." If you think so, then unfortunately, you are doomed to see the sun tomorrow.


"If you think so, then congratulate you into the pit."


The real situation, you may be unexpected.


First, the content of the road is the essence of C2M to individual communication


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